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Susana Barrera-Vilarmau

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Structural biochemist, mountaineer, feminist and ecologist

I am a Structural biochemist with a strong background in physical chemistry and biochemistry and with extensive experience in protein biophysics. My goal throughout my scientific career is to understand the connection between sequence, structure, dynamics and function of proteins in order to unveil the biophysical phenomena that occur in the cell. In focus, aiming to understand this relation between sequence, folding (or lack of it) and function in intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) and other regions or domains with a high degree of flexibility. I have specialized in several biophysical techniques to tackle these issues, but mostly, I’ve dedicated to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and computational simulation techniques, such as molecular dynamics.

Out of the lab and far from the computer, there is a very high probability that João and I are outdoors, whether climbing mountains, venturing in a cave or photographing nudibranchs.

I am also passionate about astrophysics (and, of course, astronomy), I make my artistic side flow with coloured pencils, I can spend hours with birding and relaxing my hyperactivity by practising yoga.

Current Research Address:

Institut de Química Avançada de Catalunya (IQAC-CSIC) (map)
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Group
Carrer Jordi Girona 18-26, 08034 Barcelona
08034 Barcelona, Spain

@ Scientific networks and career portfolios:

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Personal details and contact

Susana Barrera Vilarmau
Born in Manresa, Spain, in 1978
Currently living in Salamanca, Spain
susanabarreravilarmau ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com

Last update: Jun 2021

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