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Pythonic Thoughts Snippets series


I created the Pythonic Thoughts Snippets series out of the need to share my connection with the code I write, how my vision and style evolve, how my mindset for code writing shapes with time in a continuous quest towards writing more maintainable, easy to read, robust and beautiful code. This series is not about HowTo’s but about discussions that facilitate a continuous learning based on the acquisition of cleaner and improved coding practices, understanding and patterns.

In the web site of the project you will find the discussions about the specific topics together with their corresponding code snippets. Code snippets are also available for download separately in the Code Snippets Repository.

I hope you find these little articles of interest. I will definitively appreciate if you share your comments as this is a process of continuous learning; you can do so by raising an issue.

These posts are the result of many online and book readings, discussions with others and hours spent staring at the code. Please consider I am not a purely computational person, I am a biochemist passionate about coding that have learned my way through this beautiful discipline.

Posts follow no structured order, they are added sequentially top to bottom as I write. Expect posts to mutate with time, as my vision changes as well; **edit** tags will be added on edited discussions.


Joao M.C. Teixeira, 2019.


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