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Mendeley Tutorials and Good Practices

Dear friends,

From a long time ago I’ve been a Mendeley advisor. I’ve been using Mendeley as my reference manager in and for scientific research for quite some time now and acquiring good practices on library organization as always been a topic of interest for me.

Some years ago I started a series of blog posts about Tutorials and Good Practices in library management with Mendeley.

While the official Mendeley website has several tutorials and howto videos, my articles aim to go a bit beyond that by discussing managing approaches rather then how to use certain functionality.

These past entries have been scattered as blog posts (here an in my old blog), finally I’ve decided to organize them (past and future) in a series of pages which will be indexed in this entry.

I hope you enjoy and find them useful for your research. Some of the posts are translated also to Spanish.

Share you comments :-)

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