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João’s research skills

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Personal and social skills

communicative · able to communicate in public · capable of establishing objectives · focused on a task · leadership · initiative · creative · calm but active · empathy · teamwork · active listener · stress control · resilient · analytical capacity · innovation · secure · participative · independent · collaborative


During my research life, I had the great opportunity to mentor ten students (Bsc., Msc, PhD) and research colleagues in their integration in the research project and life as a researcher, laboratory protocols, project organization, project focus, and hopefully, helped them develop has researchers. Thanks to: David M. Dias, Tommaso Martelli, Pedro Garcia Lorente, Simone Höfler, Guillermo Iruela Martin, Josemari Urtasun Elizari, Xavier Sanz Daroca, Miguel Arbesú, Larreb Irrem and Héctor Fuentes de la Osa.

And, definitively, thanks to all those colleagues that shared a life in the lab and with who so much I’ve learned, and specially those who directly mentored me: Susana Barrera-Vilarmau ;-), André F. Martins, João P.G.L.M. Rodrigues (Guru), Maciej Mikolajczyk, Niko Sarti (sensei), Linda Cerofolini, Miguel Arbesú, Larreb Irrem, Oriol Marimon, and all of you that definitely are part of my past, present and future!

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

shigemi tubes · 1D, 2D, 3D experiment calibration · 1H, 13C and 15N nuclei · traditional planes · Non-uniform sampling (NUS) acquisition · NUS processing · protein assignment · pseudocontact shifts · residual dipolar couplings · paramagnetic relaxation enhancements · Lanthanide-tags · MTSL-tag · saturation transfer difference (STD) · Topspin · qMDD · NMRPipe (basic) · CCPNMR · Sparky · CARA · MestreNova · Farseer-NMR Software (founder and developer)

Molecular Biology

gene cloning · gene mutation · polymerase chain reaction (PCR) · DNA electrophoresis in agarose gel chromatography · transformation of competent cells · protein expression in E.coli systems ·  protein purification · affinity chromatography · His-Tag · size exclusion chromatography · SDS page chromatography · protein refolding · dialysis · protein functionalization with paramagnetic tags · folded domains · intrinsically disordered domains · sample preparation for NMR · sample preparation for X-ray · protocol optimization · reduction of costs


Farseer-NMR (founder and developer) · Python scripting · Python Object-oriented programming · MDTraj · Matplotlib · Numpy · Pandas · SciPy ·  Bash · GitHub · Linux user since 2007 (professionally and personally)

Molecular Representation and Art work

UCSF Chimera · PyMol · Image Manipulation with GIMP · Vectorial Draw with InkScape


Portuguese (native) · Spanish (native) · English (proficient user) · Italian (independent user) · Catalan (basic user)

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