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João’s scientific outreach

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Science, education and public outreach, scientific communications to general public, activities, opinion articles, scientific tutorials.

Opinion articles

«Choque de gerações», RNA Mensageiro Nº13 «O estado da nossa arte», 2018
Núcleo Estudantes de Bioquímica da Associação Académica de Coimbra.
English title: «A clash of generations [in academia]», issue «The state of our art».

«Egoísmo na hora da morte», RNA Mensageiro Nº7 «Envelhecimento», 2011
Núcleo Estudantes de Bioquímica da Associação Académica de Coimbra
English title: «Selfishness with those at death», issue title: «Ageing».

Educational Activities

Tour guide in Scientific Tours to children.
Recerca a primària, Parc Científic de Barcelona (Barcelona Science Park).
Feb 2014 – Jun 2018
The program focused on guiding children from ages between 9 and 12 years old through a tour that explains the process of pharmacological drug development from the scientific point of view. The tour visits a laboratory of organic synthesis and a laboratory for Drosophila observation, followed by a movie-supported talk about mice experimentation always giving maximum emphasis to ethical concerns with animals. Children are also introduced to the laboratory safety rules.

Blog articles index

I guess I started blogging around 2009, definitively to share and exchange ideas with others. Since then, I’ve been more active some times, less active other times, but the feeling has always perdured. And so, it continues. Find bellow an index of my blog posts.





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