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Susana’s volunteering

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Workshop in mountaineering security

Organization of a workshop about mountain safety, logistics of mountain expeditions, first aids and emergency transportation of wounded persons with alpine techniques.
Course organized at the Mountain Activities Center “9 Barris” (CAM 9B) in Barcelona, Spain.
Year: 2018.

Founder of rock climbing group

Co-founder and co-coordinator of the Rock Climbing Group of the mountaineering club “Club Excursionista Cima” in Barcelona, Spain.
Years: 2016-2018.

Mountain activities in group

Participation in the organization of events and activities in group of the mountaineering club “Unió Excursionista de Cataluña de Horta (UECH)” in Barcelona, Spain.
Years: 2014-2018.

Cleaning beaches and seabed

Participation in different events of beach cleaning and waste collection in the seabed (scuba diving) on ​​the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Organization of parallel activities of citizen awareness about pollution of aquatic systems and the consequences for marine life.
Years: since 2017.

STEM Barcelona educational program

Educational program to awaken interest for science in children and teenagers through games and laboratory experiments (see «Scientific Outreach»).
Activities developed in schools of Barcelona, Spain, during the 2014/2015 school year.
See more in «Scientific Outreach».

Scientific congress organization

Assistant in the organization and reception in the 30th Annual Meeting of the Reference Network on Theorethical and Computational Chemistry held at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Photographer of the event.
Year: 2014.

Artistic Performances

Closing events for the Fiestas de la Mercè in Barcelona where more than 200 volunteers participated from different social entities (Muestra de Asociaciones del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona). Show directed by La Fura dels Baus: «Human Net (Xarxa Humana)» – see video bellow.
Years: 2014 and 2015.

Scientific bird monitoring

Scientific bird banding campaign of passerines in the Delta del Llobregat, Spain, organized by the Catalan Institute of Ornithology (ICO).
Year: 2013.

Protection of endangered species

Collaboration in leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) protection programs in Costa Rica.
Collaboration in the night patrols of guarding of turtle lay and nests.
Collaboration in the maintenance daytime tasks of the Reserve and camp and exhumation of nests.
Collaboration with the Reserve biologists in field work and data collection.
Projects: Refugio de vida silvestre Laguna Urpiano and  Reserva Forestal Pacuare Matina.
Years: 2011-2013.

Cleaning rivers and streambed

Participation in campaigns of cleaning and collection of waste from rivers and streambed of different Spanish regions.
Participation in campaigns for measurement and analysis of physicochemical parameters of water and mud in Tormes river in Salamanca region, Spain.
Participation in environmental education programs as an educator in workshops for children and young people on environmental pollution and aquatic ecosystems.
Participation in the creation of Nature Classroom (in Spanish «Aula de la Naturaleza». They are different equipment of Environmental Education generally located in areas of natural interest) on the banks of the Tormes river in Huerta, Salamanca region’s village, Spain.
Years: 1999-2007 in Salamanca, Spain. 2008-2011 in Madrid, Spain.

Intercomparison exercise for students of Analytical Chemistry

Several exercises consisting in qualitative inorganic analysis and spectrophotometric determinations for the determination of different analytes and their concentrations in unknown samples of patterns to evaluate the quality of university teaching in Analytical Chemistry in European universities.
Study organized by the University of Barcelona. Work done at the University of Salamanca in the academic year 2002/2003.

School media reporter

Member of the founding team and reporter of the newspaper «El correo del Príncipe» and the radio «Globo 93» of my school from its foundation and until I finished my primary studies, where I wrote articles about ecology, biology and reviews of social or infrastructure problems at the center and I was responsable for the music program and scientific and ecologist dissemination program.
Activities developed in my school, in a neighborhood on the outskirts of a commuter town close to Madrid, Spain, since 1988 to 1992, when I was 10 to 14 years old.


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